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TDS..where dreams are made from [entries|friends|calendar]
The Dancing School

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May 8th, 2006]

[ mood | hopeful ]

Alright, I have a question for you all from a friend of mine, and any answers and/or advice would be very much appreciated:

If you are considering a career path in ballet, how old is 'too old'? How long should you have been dancing for? And we both assume that just lessons at a local dance studio wouldn't be enough, and would a national ballet school be the only option? If you are 15-almost-sixteen, is it too late to be accepted, and are you too far behind? She has had a bit of training as a young child, but hasn't danced in years, although she is in very excellent physical shape. Remember, this is for National Ballet Company style of thing.

Thanks a lot, and I (and she) wish you all tons of luck and rhythm.


March 29th, 2005]

Scene Rehearsal Break Time

During scene rehearsals for dancing, we earned a fifteen minute break. Everyone was starving, and the closest thing to The Dancing School was Dunkin’ Donuts. My friends and I quickly scurried to my car and pulled out of the parking lot as quickly as possible so we could arrive there first. A long line could be traumatizing when you only have fifteen minutes to drive, buy, and eat. My car was the first one out of the building and continued driving down the narrow winding road to our destination. We placed a huge order that was basically screamed into the voice box, while the other dancers eagerly waited and beeped at us in their cars. We received a pink cardboard tray of coffees and bags of bagels and quickly drove out of Dunkin’ Donuts. There was no where to place the tray of coffees so my friend and I rested it on the arm rest between the driver’s seat and passenger’s seat, which was a huge mistake. We blasted the music on the way home, knowing we had defeated the others in our little race, but the coffees didn’t stay. While taking a turn the coffees spilled and everyone did what they could to help out, as the car swerved into the left lane. Everyone looked up in shock while I swung the wheel hard, and returned the car back into the right lane. Luckily nothing happened and the only outcome of the incident was having brown wet bottoms. With hilarious laughs, and stories to tell the others, we had made it back to dancing in time.
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March 28th, 2005]


hello my fellow tdsers.
time no talk!

no one ever updates!

well I'M GOING TO!

i forgot to put these pictures up
there from valentines day
for the little hip-hop vday party we had.

clikity click clickCollapse )

i want to do as many activities as possible.
this summer we deffinetley should find places to dance.
and possibly a trip to six flags -- tds road trip yes
and hopefully a trip to nyc to see the rockettes in november

what are your thoughts?
any ideas?
tell me now.
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February 14th, 2005]

happy valentines day TDSers <3<3<3

February 11th, 2005]


costumes [Wednesday,
February 9th, 2005]

[ mood | kinda sick kinda not ]

yay for costumes!!

what does everyone think of theirs?

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February 2nd, 2005]

I bought a bracelet today!

That was my attempt at making this not dead.

OH! And I saw everyone's costumes last Saturday while I was helping kiddles shop with pink pennies and the Tuesday ballet class has probably the greatest skirts I've ever seen. :P Polka-dot madness! They're so cute.

I think costumes are being put up within the next week. Once the amazing heart cut outs are down.

Cheech still has the best hearts up there. :P

I'm out now.

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February 2nd, 2005]


this community is dead.

you could at least comment if your not going to post.

i might as well delete the whole thing


February 1st, 2005]


I'm So0o Excited!!

our wristband/bracelet/rubber thing came in!!!

moreCollapse )

I'm going to make a poster for TDS so everyone knows to bring their money

3 $ people!!!

that's all for now.
i kinda wanna get something else though
haha but i have no idea what!

♥ ♥ ♥
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Check this out ... [Wednesday,
January 26th, 2005]

[ mood | creative ]

hey everyone!

click this!


Jessy made the blend, and i got the idea of putting it as a puzzle from Helen!


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